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Saison Tonnellerie

Our Tonnellerie series of ales are arguably the most traditional that we make in that they are 100% fermented in oak barrels.

This sophisticated beer has picked up a rustic character akin to the original beers of the Belgian countryside that would be brewed in the colder months of the year, when fermentation temperatures were more forgiving, and served to the farm staff to keep their thirst quenched all summer long.  Wildly fantastic.

Food Pairing

Quiche lorraine, Frog’s Breath Cheese with a fresh baked baguette, eggs benedict and some jazz music on a perfect Springtime afternoon.


Preservation Series
belgian style beers
Retired Beers
southern california only
Regional Styles

Brew Info

  • ABV:6.7%
  • SRM:4
  • Release:2013


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