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Mélange #10

Mélange #10 was created at a special blending competition held in December of 2014 by a pair of Hoarders Society members. Based on the flavors of their childhood, this beer is intended to mimic some of the rich and slightly spicy character of a Mexican-style hot chocolate. Using a blend of our bourbon barrel-aged Anniversary ale and a bourbon barrel aged variation of our barleywine, Old Richland, they were able to create a perfect base beer with which to play. Ancho chiles, chocolate and cinnamon sticks compliment the vanilla and toffee notes from the malty beer, reminding us of our abuela with each sip.


Bourbon Barrel Aged
american style beers
Hoarders Society Exclusive

Brew Info

  • ABV:15%
  • SRM:
  • Release:2015


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