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Famille RueOrange County

Chronology: 18

Chronology:18 is the third in a 4-part experiment with barrels and time. We brewed a beer rich and malty with undertones of brown sugar, toffee and toasted French bread and set it to age in bourbon barrels. Every six months we’ll take a quarter of the barrels, blend them and bottle them. This third bottling represents the flavors imparted in the base beer after 18 months of barrel aging.

Food Pairing

Maple walnut fudge, Barely Buzzed cheese, Filet Oscar. Building a San Francisco cable car.


Barrel Aged
Bourbon Barrel Aged
Society Beers

Brew Info

  • ABV:16.7%
  • IBU:21
  • SRM:66
  • Release:2015