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Arbre Alligator Char

The Arbre series is an exploration of barrel toast. We brewed a rich, malty imperial stout and divided it into three parts, laying each down in brand new American oak barrels from our friends at Kelvin Cooperage in Kentucky. This variation of Arbre spent time resting in barrels treated with the deepest, boldest char possible – called alligator char, imparting characteristics of burnt marshmallows, black currant, caramelized brown sugar, charred oak and dense dark chocolate fudge. A remarkable beer on its own, but even more exciting when tasted side-by-side with its light toast and medium toast counterparts for a truly educational experience.


Reserve Society Exclusive
american style beers
new american oak

Brew Info

  • ABV:11.3%
  • SRM:120
  • Release:2015


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