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  1. Black Tuesday: The Release Party

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    The sun begins to set, and the scent of bourbon and oak linger in the air. Cafe lights have been strewn across our cellar, beer chilled and ready pour, and the excitement is palpable. It is October 30th, the annual public release of Black Tuesday. Under mysterious and moody light this dark and smooth libation is waiting to be consumed, and Society members can hardly wait. Inspired by the great market crash of 1929 and the conviviality that proceeded, Black Tuesday is a reminder that there is always a bit of good to be found within the bad.

    The star of the show is the 2018 release of Black Tuesday, with a darker roasted malt bill and careful aging in bourbon barrels ranging anywhere from 13-16 months, this year’s release is darker and smoother. Our Black Tuesday event is special for a reason. Besides having our latest release on tap with unlimited tasters, we also provide access to a variety of special variants and concepts. Double Barrel Black Tuesday with Tahitian Vanilla and Black Tuesday Grand Reserve, a triple bourbon barrel-aged version, were a few of the offerings in our exclusive Hoarders lounge.

    Unique concepts were also available, including the winner of our Society member treatment tournament, Samoa Cookie Black Tuesday, and Breakfast Cereal Black Tuesday. Spicy Island Black Tuesday featured habanero peppers and pineapple providing a balanced and unexpected yet smooth kick. Also on offer was Mixology, where we added adjuncts to crowlers full of Black Tuesday. The first, we took freeze-dried strawberries pulverized by hand adding 3 oz. per crowler. The second, we took toasted cacao nibs, pulverized them in a food processor and added 3 oz. per crowler. The final variant we took whole vanilla bean and added 2 pods per crowler. Finally, our guests chose variants to make their very own custom Black Tuesday mix. Also on offer was a special Black Tuesday variant treated with Mostra coffee beans.

    Unlimited hors d’oeuvres, bites, and desserts to eat were also on offer from our friends at Urge catering, a Black Tuesday infused coffee blend from Mostra, and Black Tuesday beef jerky from Long Beach Jerky Co.

    Black Tuesday is more than just a beer; it’s what brings a community of beer enthusiasts together in appreciation for its smooth mouthfeel and flavor complexity despite its high ABV. A very special thank you to all our vendors including Ampersand Events, our amazing and hard-working staff, and everyone who attended and helped celebrate this very special annual release. Until next year!


  2. The Beer From Hell

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    After originally banishing the beer to bourbon barrels, ten months later our founder, Patrick Rue, realized the flavor complexity had developed into something amazing. Want to be the first in line for the annual release on Oct. 30,? Sign up for our email list at

    Watch the full-length version of our mini-series below!


  3. The Complexity of Black Tuesday

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    The Beer From Hell: Part 3 of our 4 part mini-series is here and our founder, Patrick Rue, explains how the flavor complexity of Black Tuesday is developed. The 2018 batch is notably smoother and darker brought forth by the roasted darker malt along with bourbon barrel aging ranging from 13-16 months.

    Want guaranteed access to Black Tuesday? Reserve Society enrollment is open for a limited time, visit for more details.

    Want to be the first in line for Black Tuesday? Visit, signing up for our email list is highly recommended.

    Series by Brian Knappmiller.


  4. Black Tuesday: Where Does the Name Come From?

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    Naming the fruit of your labor is as important as the product itself. Part 2 of our 4 part mini-series is here, and our founder Patrick Rue explains how the name of our infamous bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout came to be.

    Want to be the first in line to buy Black Tuesday? Sign up for our email list by clicking here.


  5. The History of Black Tuesday

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    If you know The Bruery, chances are you’ve heard of Black Tuesday. This infamous bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout rests in singed oak barrels for a little over a year and is now here to delight your palate with its rich and sophisticated complexity. What makes this infamous beer so special? Our founder Patrick Rue explains more of the history of Black Tuesday and its inception. Watch part one of our 4-part mini-series of its history.

    Want to try Black Tuesday? Sign up to be first in line for the public sale here OR join our Society for guaranteed access.


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