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  1. Beyond The Barrel at Society Member Monday

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    Not everyone can make it to Society Member Monday, but everyone deserves to go beyond the barrel with our expert Bruers. Learn more through this guided tasting panel as they take you through the background, challenges, and flavors of some of November’s Society releases. These new releases will be available in member allocations starting 11.6 for Hoarders Society, 11.7 for Reserve Society, and 11.8 for Preservation Society.

    Interested in experiences like these? The Reserve Society is open for enrollment for a limited time— click here to learn more!

  2. The Bruery Supper Club
    A Society Experience

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    A Society Experience

    Through the years, our beer has become an integral part of many special moments, sparking conversation behind the concepts, delighting inquisitive minds, and celebrating those special moments in life. This concept inspired the birth of The Bruery Supper Club.

    The Supper Club is an invite-only Society experience, tying together the world of our flavor-forward beers, culinary expertise, The Bruery team members, and the community of the biggest beer aficionados around. Curated by our world-class brewing team and world-renowned chefs, this collaboration is an experience we’re proud of. Our beers have always been inspired by taste, and we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase their myriad of flavors than by complimenting them with an expertly paired menu, and of course amazing company.

    The Supper Club launched earlier this year to a select group of Society members at Playground Restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana. Working with General Manager Jarred Dooley, this massive success set us up for our latest, but not last dinner—  The Supper Club at Harley in Laguna Beach.

    Through this unique collaboration with Chef Greg Daniels, we shared a journey of flavor through a 5-course dinner with The Bruery team members and Society enthusiasts.

    • First course: A refreshing watermelon salad paired with Goses Are Red, a rosé-inspired gose with syrah grapes. The nuances of the syrah grapes perfectly complemented the sweetness of the watermelon with a tart and slightly salty finish from the gose-style beer.

    • Second course: Included scallops in brown butter with pistachio and lavender paired with LXXV, a puncheon-aged mixed culture ale and a collaboration with NOLA Brewing. The bright notes from the lavender and the tartness from the beer perfectly complemented the rich flavors from the scallops.

    • Third course: Included jidori chicken crusted with honey infused cereal and was paired with Mash & French Toast. The combination of rich and toasty, sweet and savory complimented each other seamlessly.

    • Fourth course: Society members also enjoyed venison loin in a juniper jus with rosemary potatoes paired with Elizabeth Rutherford, our Black Tuesday imperial stout aged with Napa Cabernet grapes. The big and bold flavors of Black Tuesday and the Napa Cab grapes in this beer-wine hybrid played beautifully with the lean and rich flavors of the venison.

    • Fifth course: A delightful selection of chocolate desserts including a chocolate meringue and chocolate blackberry mousse paired with Acier, our anniversary bourbon barrel-aged old ale. The big toffee and vanilla notes from the beer perfectly complemented the rich and sweet chocolate flavors from this well-rounded dessert.

    These two dinners are just the beginning, as we plan to take this Supper Club on the road. The next Supper Club will be held at Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 27, with Patrick Rue and Vice President of Brewing, Darren Moser, in attendance. 

    Interested in experiences like these? Make sure to sign up for our in 2020 interest list and be the first to know when enrollment opens.

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  3. Our Latest Dogfish Head Collaboration is Here!

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    As we continue to push the boundaries of what craft beer can be, we were very excited to meet with our good friends at Dogfish Head to work on our latest collaboration. We brewed three amazing beers, two of which came together producing the third in the perfect union. Before we dive into the beers themselves let’s go over the concept behind this project. Inspired by the ongoing friendship of The Bruery founder, Patrick Rue, and Dogfish Head founder and CEO, Sam Calagione, who first met at SAVOR in 2009, and released their first collaboration in 2011. Seven years later, at SAVOR 2018, they decided the time was right to work together again.

    The inspiration also ran into the label art. The beer names and label artwork were created by Sam Calagione, himself. “Both Dogfish and The Bruery take the art of brewing creative beers seriously— but we don’t take ourselves too seriously— and I wanted the packaging and name to reflect that,” said Calagione. The labels were hand-applied to each bottle by the team at The Bruery Terreux, adding to the unique nature of the collaboration.

    This collaboration is a three-part release, starting with the first, This is Ridiculous. A Brettanomyces-forward, Saison ale, dry-hopped with Mosaic and aged in a French oak foeder for seven months. The second part is This is Mrs. Ridiculous, a mixed culture sour ale with underripe Pinot Noir grapes, aged in a French Oak foeder for seven months. Finally, we have Kisses Betwixt Mr. and Mrs. This is Ridiculous— a tart and funky mixed culture Saison ale, made by blending This Is Ridiculous, and This is Mrs. Ridiculous and aging it all in a French oak foeder for seven months.

    This is Ridiculous, and This is Mrs. Ridiculous are available exclusively to Society members. Kisses Betwixt Mr. and Mrs. This is Ridiculous is available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans at both Tasting Rooms, online at, and a bottle shop near you with national distribution. Check out our beer finder by clicking here!

  4. 2019 Welcome Weekend: A Recap

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    Every year, we look forward to welcoming our Society members into Famille Rue, and this year was no different. We love shaking things up, and that’s why we wanted to start 2019 off with a bicoastal bang! This past weekend was full of festivities and experiences, with our All Access event as the pinnacle. Our goal was to create an immersive environment, where our Society members can have a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the beer we love making. From brewing and production to our cellar program and distribution— and all of this, of course, included a bounty of tasters!

    On Friday, January 18th, our East Coast Society Members kicked off 2019 with an epic beer lineup at Franklin Hall, an American beer hall located in the historic Manhattan Laundry building at 1348 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC. Members waited eagerly at the entrance in anticipation of an impressive lineup of Society exclusive beers such as the long-awaited return of Mocha Wednesday. Once the event began, Society members were seen mingling with our Bruers while enjoying the delectable libations. With over 100 Society Members in attendance,  it appeared the level of excitement for the 2019 lineup of beers was definitely high. Even more so after receiving a complimentary bottle of White Mocha.

    Back on the West Coast, what better way to begin a weekend full of celebrations than with a brunch? With six incredible beers crafted just for this event and an array of delectable fare, Saturday’s Famille Brunch was the perfect start to Welcome Weekend in California. On tap, we featured Rum Barrel-Aged Tart of Darkness with cherry, chocolate, and vanilla, On Tuesdays We Brunch, Break Apart So Happens It’s Tuesday, No Flute Required, Citrus is Life, and Mash and Morning Grind. The fare included a mini breakfast burrito station and tacos from The Mexican Taco Catering as well as muffins and scones from Mead’s Green Door Cafe! We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

    On Sunday, we hosted our first ever Member All Access where members got the opportunity to take intimate self-guided journeys through The Bruery production facility and meet the Bruers who make the beer we all love. From fermentation to packaging to distribution, Hoarders and Reserve members got the opportunity to meet The Bruery team across the board. Twelve pours of specially-curated beers like So Happens It’s Mole and Salted Snack Stout, paired with an event-exclusive 375-ml bottle of White Mocha (2019), made the event quite a hit.

    An excited Society member collecting his complimentary White Mocha bottle.

    We concluded the weekend with our first Society Member Monday of the year. Every first Monday we close the Bruery Terreux Tasting Room to the public and host Society members to exciting and immersive events with previous of upcoming Society-only releases unique and exclusive merch. Members had the chance to mingle and try some of the first NEW member beers of 2019 like White Chocolate (2019), Brazo Brazo, Stream Crossing, and Wee Heavy Coconuts (2019).

    Thank you to all who attended— to say we are excited for what 2019 has in store is an understatement, and we can’t wait to share these special moments with our Society members!

  5. Black Tuesday: The Release Party

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    The sun begins to set, and the scent of bourbon and oak linger in the air. Cafe lights have been strewn across our cellar, beer chilled and ready pour, and the excitement is palpable. It is October 30th, the annual public release of Black Tuesday. Under mysterious and moody light this dark and smooth libation is waiting to be consumed, and Society members can hardly wait. Inspired by the great market crash of 1929 and the conviviality that proceeded, Black Tuesday is a reminder that there is always a bit of good to be found within the bad.

    The star of the show is the 2018 release of Black Tuesday, with a darker roasted malt bill and careful aging in bourbon barrels ranging anywhere from 13-16 months, this year’s release is darker and smoother. Our Black Tuesday event is special for a reason. Besides having our latest release on tap with unlimited tasters, we also provide access to a variety of special variants and concepts. Double Barrel Black Tuesday with Tahitian Vanilla and Black Tuesday Grand Reserve, a triple bourbon barrel-aged version, were a few of the offerings in our exclusive Hoarders lounge.

    Unique concepts were also available, including the winner of our Society member treatment tournament, Samoa Cookie Black Tuesday, and Breakfast Cereal Black Tuesday. Spicy Island Black Tuesday featured habanero peppers and pineapple providing a balanced and unexpected yet smooth kick. Also on offer was Mixology, where we added adjuncts to crowlers full of Black Tuesday. The first, we took freeze-dried strawberries pulverized by hand adding 3 oz. per crowler. The second, we took toasted cacao nibs, pulverized them in a food processor and added 3 oz. per crowler. The final variant we took whole vanilla bean and added 2 pods per crowler. Finally, our guests chose variants to make their very own custom Black Tuesday mix. Also on offer was a special Black Tuesday variant treated with Mostra coffee beans.

    Unlimited hors d’oeuvres, bites, and desserts to eat were also on offer from our friends at Urge catering, a Black Tuesday infused coffee blend from Mostra, and Black Tuesday beef jerky from Long Beach Jerky Co.

    Black Tuesday is more than just a beer; it’s what brings a community of beer enthusiasts together in appreciation for its smooth mouthfeel and flavor complexity despite its high ABV. A very special thank you to all our vendors including Ampersand Events, our amazing and hard-working staff, and everyone who attended and helped celebrate this very special annual release. Until next year!


  6. The Beer From Hell

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    After originally banishing the beer to bourbon barrels, ten months later our founder, Patrick Rue, realized the flavor complexity had developed into something amazing. Want to be the first in line for the annual release on Oct. 30,? Sign up for our email list at

    Watch the full-length version of our mini-series below!


  7. The Complexity of Black Tuesday

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    The Beer From Hell: Part 3 of our 4 part mini-series is here and our founder, Patrick Rue, explains how the flavor complexity of Black Tuesday is developed. The 2018 batch is notably smoother and darker brought forth by the roasted darker malt along with bourbon barrel aging ranging from 13-16 months.

    Want guaranteed access to Black Tuesday? Reserve Society enrollment is open for a limited time, visit for more details.

    Want to be the first in line for Black Tuesday? Visit, signing up for our email list is highly recommended.

    Series by Brian Knappmiller.


  8. Black Tuesday: Where Does the Name Come From?

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    Naming the fruit of your labor is as important as the product itself. Part 2 of our 4 part mini-series is here, and our founder Patrick Rue explains how the name of our infamous bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout came to be.

    Want to be the first in line to buy Black Tuesday? Sign up for our email list by clicking here.


  9. The History of Black Tuesday

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    If you know The Bruery, chances are you’ve heard of Black Tuesday. This infamous bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout rests in singed oak barrels for a little over a year and is now here to delight your palate with its rich and sophisticated complexity. What makes this infamous beer so special? Our founder Patrick Rue explains more of the history of Black Tuesday and its inception. Watch part one of our 4-part mini-series of its history.

    Want to try Black Tuesday? Sign up to be first in line for the public sale here OR join our Society for guaranteed access.


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