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  1. No joke. Offshoot Beer Co. is Turning One… and Turning a Corner

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    Last year on April 1, we announced that The Bruery was branching off to create and can fresh, juicy, hazy, hop-forward, aromatic beers under the banner of Offshoot Beer Co. And we did – no joke! Following that proclamation, Offshoot Beer Co. has given life to 24 limited release cans, 50+ small batch draft releases at our Tasting Rooms and exclusive member events, and one new year-round release – Relax [it’s just a hazy IPA] – distributed to select markets.


    It’s been a year of experimentation, learning, discovery and growth in the freshman year of Offshoot Beer Co. We’re driven to be a world-class brewery in everything we do under our roof. This includes both celebrating our successes while learning from our trials and tribulations along the way.

    Some of our favorite achievements:

    Our first release, Fashionably Late, was named the #2 IPA in America by Draft Magazine in 2017.

    We collaborated with so many friends in our first year, including Highland Park Brewery, Mason Ale Works, Pinthouse Pizza and Garage Project Brewing.

    You finally got cans of fresh, hoppy beer brewed under our roof (and we finally had more hoppy options for us to drink around the, er, office).

    We created a way to ship beer cold to doorsteps throughout California by designing a slick, custom box with insulated packaging and cold packs.

    Relax [it’s just a hazy IPA] was recently named the Beer of the Week by Imbibe Magazine, and is now distributed fresh – immediately after canning – year-round to Southern California, Northern California, Washington, D.C. and Virginia (and available via and at our retail locations).

    It’s been a year of constant learning and improvement, from recipe development and yeast management to dry-hopping schedules and methods.

    We’ve pushed the envelope on all things hoppy, from hazy IPAs and DIPAs to more extreme takes, like milkshake IPAs and triple IPAs, in our first year. As we go into year two, we still want to innovate and experiment – perhaps even more so than our first year. But year two will be even more calculated with a new element of maturity, as is the case for any sophomore year.

    Rolling into Year Two

    Year one was all about creating new recipes and exploring creative treatments for our 16-oz. cans by featuring a rotating series of artists and design styles. We received feedback on both. Going into next year, we’re most especially interested in feedback about what’s in the cans, and we’ll be simplifying artwork on select releases to hone in on just that. More on that below. Suffice to say, year two dials it in by sharpening our focus on cranking out limited, fresh, hoppy, periodic releases – with the advantage of hindsight, hop contracts and our own canning line as we venture into it.

    Canning Line

    Our rotary canning line – as of today – is now online, and we’ll soon be enjoying a level of quality, flexibility, customization and efficiency that we’ve never seen before. During a canning run, each can on our new canning line will be purged and filled under pressure, much like our bottling line. Rotary canners allow for consistent timing – and much less time – between filling and seaming. In addition, we’ll be incorporating a post-filling, pre-lid application purge. The collective result is less dissolved oxygen in each can, and much more consistency from can to can, helping the beer taste fresher longer. Since it’s our own canning line, we’ll be able to get the beer out of the tank and packaged at the best time for the beer – something that can be a challenge when utilizing mobile canners, who often need to be scheduled months in advance.

    New Small Batch, Periodic Releases

    As our canning line comes online, we’ll be embarking on a new series of periodic releases that allow us to combine what we’ve learned and our new capabilities. We’ll be designing recipes and releasing IPAs and DIPAs periodically over the upcoming months (when the beer is ready), exploring the best combinations of hops, malt and yeast, gauging fan feedback and potentially scaling up the favorites in the future.

    These new, limited, periodic releases will be packaged in 4-packs of 16-oz. cans, featuring a minimalist design, and available directly from our brewery (for ordering via While the visual differentiation of the packaging from release-to-release will be subtle – signaled only by the color of the plastic holder on top and/or laser printing on the bottom, the innovation and process that goes into each can will express a broader range, and be shared at the time of each release appropriately. Each beer will have a distinct name, making it easy for you to identify beers from release-to-release and share feedback on your favorite rating site. Of course, we’d love to continue hearing feedback directly from you too – your responses will have a direct impact on how we round out our future offerings.

    We anticipate the first of these small batch releases to drop near the end of May. New releases will take place periodically over subsequent months. Along the way, we’ll have new collaborations with some of our favorite breweries to pepper in, plus our one-year anniversary beer… next week! So make sure you sign up for information and notification of upcoming sales here.

    Offshoot "1"

    Our One Year Anniversary Beer

    Our 2018 anniversary beer celebrates the one-year milestone while embracing our favorite elements of our top hazy DIPAs from the past year. “1” is a double dry-hopped hazy DIPA featuring 100% Citra. It’s brewed with Golden Promise, Flaked Wheat, Rolled Oats and 2 Row malt for a smooth, round mouthfeel, and fermented with one of our favorite yeast strains, London III, imparting the classic juicy appearance and flavor at a smooth 8.5% ABV. In addition to Citra hops in the brew, “1” is finished with a double dousing of Citra to further accentuate the hop flavor and aromatics.

    Wondering who made that amazing label? During our staff retreat in January, we asked our employees to draw a “1” for the birthday of Offshoot Beer Co. Those who behaved (most did!) had their drawings incorporated into the can design. The beer itself and the can design are truly team efforts.

    Release Day: Thursday, April 19

    “1” will be released on Thursday, April 19 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET via At checkout, you’ll have several options for how you would like to get your hands on cans:

    A. Pickup at our Fulfillment Center near the Tasting Room at The Bruery in Placentia, CA (from 4/19 to 4/28)

    B. Pickup at The Bruery Store at Union Market in Washington, D.C. (from 5/1 to 5/31)

    C. Ship anywhere within CA

    $1 Shipping!

    As we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of Offshoot Beer Co., we’ll be offering a special shipping promotion: your first four 4-packs of “1” will ship for $1 to anywhere in CA in our custom, cold insulated box.

    Everything is first-come, first-served.

    Member Preview

    Our Society members will have the opportunity to taste the beer prior to its release at our Tasting Rooms in Orange County on Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18. “1″ will be available on tap for all other fans starting Thursday, April 19 (the day of the can release). As always, members enjoy special access and discounts on beer releases. If you’re interested in the exclusive perks that our Society memberships offer, get started and join our Preservation Society today.

    We couldn’t do what we do without support from fans like you. Thanks for challenging us to be the best we can be. We’ll continue striving to produce fresh, hoppy beers that reward your tastebuds with each sip. We hope you enjoy the results along the way!

  2. An Evening with Chef Brooke Williamson: February 15 | 7PM

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    Come join us at Bruery Terreux’s tasting room from 7PM-8PM and meet Chef Brooke Williamson as we celebrate our delicious collaboration ale: Girl Grey!

    Top chef Brooke Williamson is a leader in redefining flavors and roles in the culinary world. We teamed with her to extend those contributions to the beer world with Girl Grey, a delicious beer featuring the cool character of a Belgian-style ale, with sweet ribbons of almond flavors balanced by the piquant qualities of Earl Grey tea.

    With the purchase of a taster or glass of Girl Grey, guests can enjoy a special pairing plate recommended by Chef Brooke. Guests will also have an opportunity to meet the top chef herself and have purchased bottles of Girl Grey signed.

    More details, including pairing dishes and more, to come!


    Los Angeles native Brooke Williamson has carved out an impressive resume full of leading roles and professional achievement, such as being the youngest female chef to ever cook at the James Beard House and was the winner on Top Chef season 14 and runner-up for season 10 in Seattle. As the co-owner and co-chef, along with husband Nick Roberts, of successful ventures including Hudson House in Redondo Beach, and The Tripel, Playa Provisions, and the culinary retail boutique Tripli-Kit in Playa Del Rey, the culinary duo strives to bring a bit of LA’s gourmet beachside vibe to the South Bay of Los Angeles. In addition to her experience competing on Top Chef, Williamson has no fear on camera and has also participated on other national TV shows including Top Chef Duels, winning a battle on Esquire Network’s Knife Fight, and hosting MTV’s first foodie series, House of Food.


    Every collaboration is special, but there’s nothing quite like teaming up with Chef Brooke Williamson, a leader in redefining flavors and roles in the culinary world. Last year, we laid out all of our ingredients and ideas on the table to create a new beer that all generations of beer lovers can enjoy. The result is our new spring-seasonal collaboration: Girl Grey, a Belgian-style ale with sweet ribbons of almond flavors balanced by the piquant qualities of Earl Grey tea. Girl Grey will be available to Society members on February 5 and for public release on February 14.

  3. Offshoot Art Show Presents: Jake CREEP Crawley (Part 1)

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    Sometimes, can art needs to be…creepy. Weird. With leaky noses, exaggerated expressions, and gnarly, wrinkled faces. It’s a particular style we were drawn to while brainstorming the first few Offshoot Beer Co. cans for 2018, and Jake CREEP Crawley, an illustrator and graphic designer from California, knew exactly what we had in mind. This month, he drew up the gnarliest, two-faced cans he could imagine to give our hazy IPAs a sketchy, kooky touch. And we loved it.

    I Know You Are (Hazy IPA) & But What Am I? (Hazy DIPA) are just the first of three pairs of can designs drawn by Jake for Offshoot Beer Co. After he was done hiding pencils in his beard, we picked his brain (not his nose) to learn a little bit more about his style and ideas for our first can releases:

    We don’t think you’re that much of a creep. Where did the name come from?
    Haha. I can be a real CREEP when I want to. The name comes from those little creepy crawlers I would play with when I was a kid. You know, the little ovens that you could cook up a batch of spiders and scorpions in. My last name is Crawley so a lot of kids in school would call me Creepy Crawley. Fast forward a few years when I started getting into art, I was signing my drawings with my name and just wasn’t really digging it. I was also getting into grafitti and wanted a tag name and CREEP just seemed like it was meant to be. The whole grafitti thing didn’t last very long because pretty much everytime I tried to do paint in the street I got caught. The name stuck though, and I just kept rolling with it. As my style has matured the name makes even more sense. I draw creepy stuff, what can I say.

    We love your style. Our eyeballs are literally coming out just looking at your sketches. Tell us a little bit about your work.
    If your eyeballs ain’t popping out then I’m not doing a very good job. I’ve always drawn faces. Lots and lots of faces. Faces with big leaky noses, hairy ears, age spots, and horrible teeth. I love to exaggerate, elongate, twist, wrinkle and bend. As if every character I draw is made up of the same stuff Gumby is made of. I also really enjoy lettering. I’ve been playing with different lettering styles for some time now and really enjoy drawing letters just as much as my goofy characters. I’m wildly inspired by skateboarding, motorcycles and Basil Wolverton. (If you’ve never heard of him look him up)! Anytime I feel like the creative juices just aren’t flowing like they normally do I pick up his book and start skimming through and all these ideas start coming to me. His drawings make me laugh out loud and that’s what I aim to do.

    Let’s talk about I Know You Are & But What Am I? How did you approach your first Offshoot Beer can art? What’s your concept?
    I always start by sketching in my sketchbook. So I started off making a bunch of quick loose sketches and trying to find a good idea that really stuck. The concept behind “I Know You Are” is the wizard-like gnome character is somewhat of a magical, wise, and mystical guy. He knows everything about you before you even meet him. He knows “Who You Are!” He’s a nice guy though, the kind of guy that you’d want to drink with, full of the craziest stories.

    The concept behind “But What Am I” is a guy that is really two guys. It’s a reversible face, he’s got two personalities. He doesn’t know who he is. Am I this dude or this one? I also really like that it’s an interactive design. As you drink the beer those around you will see the magic happen as it goes upside down and the other face magically appears. As for the lettering I really wanted to create an interesting and flowing combination of type. I also wanted it all to be hand drawn. Almost everything in both of these designs is hand drawn, scanned and brought into illustrator for fine tuning and layout.

    How does it feel seeing your art on a can?
    It’s totally surreal. It’s been an art dream of mine for a long time and you guys made that dream come true! Thank you. It’s such an amazing feeling to combine two things that I love, beer and art. Another one of my art dreams is to paint a 60’s style long chopper and that dream looks like its going to be manifesting real soon.

    Any cool artists or designers you find inspiration from?
    Ohh man the list is always getting longer. Some of my all time favorites are Basil Wolverton, Robert Crumb, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Robert Williams, David Mann, Dave Kinsey, Phil Guy, Doze Green, Matt Ritchie, Hal Robinson, Ralph Steadman, and Barry McGee

    If you weren’t drawing super sick designs and art, what would you be doing?
    I’d be hanging out with my Fiancé cooking a scrumptious meal drinking wine while laughing our butts off, or I’d be skating with my DEK brothers drinking some brewskis chuckling till we buckle.

    Check out more of Jake’s work on his website and Instagram.
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  4. Grand Opening in D.C. on January 19

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    We’re excited to announce that The Bruery Store at Union Market in Washington, D.C. will celebrate its grand opening on Friday, January 19, with special in-store giveaways and experiences, and special events around town leading up to this milestone.

    For nearly a decade, our fans have travelled far and wide to get their hands on our experimental and barrel-aged beers. The Bruery Store at Union Market is our first and only location outside of California, providing Society members with the ability to pick up online purchases of exclusive beers in-store, plus onsite sales of specialty beer, merchandise and gifts for thousands of fans of independent craft beer on the East Coast.

    The concept of creating a central location for fans along the East Coast to get their hands on our beer has been several years in planning. We couldn’t be prouder to open our doors on the East Coast and welcome new fans as we celebrate our 10th year!

    Located in the heart of one of Washington, D.C.’s most exciting urban villages at 513 Morse St. NE, The Bruery Store at Union Market is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Grand Opening

    We have several unprecedented doorbuster giveaways and sales planned for the occasion, starting at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, January 19, 2018.

    A valid ID with proof of age 21+ will be required to be eligible to receive any gift

    • The first 100 shoppers (no purchase necessary) on Jan. 19 will be gifted a limited edition, commemorative t-shirt and receive a three-bottle set of beer.
    • The second 100 shoppers (no purchase necessary) on Jan. 19 will be gifted two bottles of beer.
    • On Jan. 19, attendees who sign up to become a Preservation Society member will receive a free bottle of beer.
    • Current Hoarders Society, Reserve Society and Preservation Society members will receive a free bottle of beer with any purchase during opening weekend.
    • One lucky shopper on January 19 will win a 2018 Reserve Society membership raffle (no purchase necessary). A membership includes over $370 value in included beer and merchandise, plus access to purchase the brewery’s most limited releases – at a 15% discount – online and in-store.
    • A meet-and-greet with The Bruery Founder, Patrick Rue – one of just 16 individuals to earn the title of Master Cicerone®.
    • Onsite sales of Black Tuesday 2017 (limit 3 bottles per person, while supplies last.)
    • Visitors will be able to join the Offshoot Beer Co. Interest List and gain access to the latest fresh, juicy, hop-forward and canned releases from the offshoot of The Bruery.
    • Onsite bottle sales of popular and special releases from The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. will be featured throughout opening week.

    Future plans for the store include rotating taps for crowler/growler fills.

    Special Events Around Town

    In conjunction with grand opening festivities in-store, several marquee events are planned around town. Events include the following:

    Be sure to follow @TheBrueryDC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for future store happenings and updates!

  5. Offshoot Art Show Presents: Hop Luck & Friendsgiving with Jason Roberson

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    Designing cans for November requires a bit of a seasonal touch. Thankfully, Jason Roberson had just the right idea for this month’s double-can release. As the leaves fell and chilly wind gusts blew right past our doorsteps, Hop Luck (IPA) and Friendsgiving (Hazy DIPA), our festive fall-colored IPAs, were a big hit during your friendsgiving potlucks and Thanksgiving dinners. The art surrounding our cans were not only a perfect representation of the hoppy beer within; they were also a colorful reminder of the changing season outside.

    After stuffing our faces with plenty of turkey and mashed potatoes (and hoppy beer, of course) we caught up with Jason to hear a little more about his background as a designer, his inspiration for this month’s cans, and what kind of beer he enjoys when mowing the lawn.

    1. Let’s hear a little bit more about you! What’s your story as a designer?

    I’m an independent artist and designer specializing in craft beer package design. I was the first in-house designer at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. where I worked as the Art Director and Designer for 11 years. I started in 2015, and now work for some of the best brewers in the world. My mom was an artist and art history buff, so I spent a lot of time in museums and galleries growing-up. I have a B.S. in Design from our local University, but I truly gained the skills I would need in my career at our community college.

    2. You have an interesting background as an Art Director. What made you interested in doing design for craft beer?

    After working on a freelance logo design project for Sierra Nevada in 2002, I was offered a part-time graphic design job. They thought there wouldn’t be enough work to keep a full-time designer busy, but after a month or so I had a full-time job. When I left Sierra Nevada over a decade later, we had seven full-time designers on staff. Today, I really enjoy sharing my experience with the rest of the craft brewing community.

    Every creative agency in the U.S. wants in on the booming craft beer industry, but to truly understand Craft you need to be familiar with the industry as it was before going mainstream. Craft brewers are scrappy do-it-yourselfers and they understand their brand better than any agency ever will. Working directly with independent brewers is a perfect fit for me.

    3. Let’s chat about your style. How would you say your work is unique from other artists?

    The best thing about working for so many breweries is being able to work in a wide-range of design styles. Every week, I have the opportunity to try my hand at a new style or technique. Hop Luck and Friendsgiving represent my favorite style to work in and are a true reflection of my style as an artist: bold color contrast with loose etching-style linework and strong branding architecture.

    4. Hop Luck and Friendsgiving remind us so much of what it feels like to be outside this time of the year. What was your inspiration?

    I grew up in a small town, with a creek running thru our backyard. Illustrating river and mountain scenes always takes me back to simpler times. I find most of my artistic inspiration from nature. The scenes featured on these cans represent an outdoor take on the holiday. I love drawing hops, bines, leaves and hand-lettering type. Both works feature my favorite things to illustrate in rich, contrasting colors of autumn.

    5. Speaking of the holidays, any plans for Thanksgiving or any friendsgivings of your own?

    Our roots are deep in Northern California and we’re looking forward to 60+ family and friends at our Thanksgiving celebration. It’s completely out of control.

    6. Let’s talk beer! What are your favorite types of beer? Least favorite?

    I’m a crazy hop head always on the search for the biggest, oiliest, enamel-pealing hop bomb on the planet. This time of year, big stouts are starting to pair well with the Northern California skies. I like dark sour beers and big Belgian beers with a bready backbone. My lawnmower beer is a session IPA and I only drink lager beer on the beach in Mexico.

    7. Any cool artists or designers you find inspiration from?

    Finding new artists and looking to new work for inspiration is a daily ritual for me. My morning coffee is always paired with the most recent and trending artists on social media. As an Art Director, I always found ways to work with my favorite artists and design heroes. Ken Taylor, Nate Duval, Jeremey Holmes, Bruno Mallart, and Delro Rosco are some of my favorite artists to work with.

    Check out more of Jason’s work on his website and Facebook.
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  6. A message from Patrick Rue on Society exclusivity and more flexibility

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    Dear Society Members,

    As we enter into the final months of the year, I want to express my gratitude, and let you know a few things we’re working on to make your membership experience even better. First, thank you for all of your support over the years! We wouldn’t be what we are without you. Over the last nine years, your support has enabled us to go from a bootstrapped, relatively undiscovered brewery to an internationally admired maker of delicious and inventive beers. Your passion and desire to share our beer with others has, in turn, created a thriving community of beer lovers. Your feedback helps us focus on what you enjoy most and helps us towards continuous improvement, which is a journey that thankfully will never end.

    In addition to many conversations we have with members, we send a survey to our members on a quarterly basis to gauge what’s going well and what can be improved. A common theme lately is to increase the level of exclusivity of our beers to our members. We hear you loud and clear – we understand that the value of your membership is closely tied to receiving high-quality beers that are unique from the beers available to our retailers and non-member customers.

    Starting immediately, we are changing our approach to how we allocate and release beers. Expect to see the majority of Reserve Society and Hoarders Society releases be exclusive to members, especially in 2018. Preservation Society members will continue to have access to unique, limited offerings through the quarterly Preservation Society package, but our Reserve Society and Hoarders Society members will receive the greatest amount of access to additional, rarer bottles. When a beer is not exclusive, we will clearly state that the beer is intended to be sold through our Tasting Rooms and/or to be sent through our distribution channels.

    Thanks to your feedback, we’ve set into motion many other improvements that are intended to increase the value of your membership in the very near future, including new enhancements to our 2018 Reserve Society for those who have yet to join or have already joined. This includes the choice of three Reserve Society options based on your preference for included beer and subsequent communications, and the flexibility to begin a payment plan that makes a Reserve Society membership more feasible in 2018. Additional information is available via


    While our Society members always come first, we’re also looking for ways to better engage with our loyal retail partners and Tasting Room customers. We’ll continue to produce exciting and innovative beers for our retail partners, and constantly innovate on our pilot system for our Tasting Room customers.

    We look forward to continuing our journey with you! Cheers to many more years of enjoying great beer and creating memorable experiences along the way.


  7. Offshoot Art Show Presents: Shaken & Stirred with Jenelle Huddleston

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    How do you make canned beer look cute and spooky? With bunnies. Lots of them. And that’s exactly what Jenelle Huddleston did. For our October release, Shaken (creamy milkshake-style IPA) and Stirred (hazy 100% Mosaic DIPA) needed can art to represent its hazy dessert-inspired recipes. Jenelle delivered with two colorful scenes: skeleton-esque bunnies doing their part and making desserts around our cans. A couple sips a milkshake while another stirs the pot in a cute, fluffy bakery. A sign points us in the right direction: “HOP Here.” Is that directing the bunnies themselves? Or our hoppy palates? We’d like to think both.

    Jenelle’s bright and hoppy cans are quite representative of her own style and personality. That, and the hundreds of bunnies running around her neighborhood in Chicago. We sat for a milkshake with Jenelle to hear a little more about her work as a designer and the origin of her cute concepts:

    1. Tell us a little bit more about you! What’s your background? How long have you been working as a designer?

    I’ve been a “designer / illustrator” almost my whole life – I would be lying if I said I didn’t design ska band logos in the early 2000’s. I went to the University of Notre Dame for Marketing and Graphic Design, and then hopped around states and careers for a bit – Anything from fashion to working at Disneyland! I’ve been a “professional” designer for the last three years, and currently work for an education company in Chicago.

    2. Talk a little bit about your style. How is your work unique from other designers?

    Design styles can be super trendy, and you’ll see a lot of the exact same thing for a while. I feel like I’m pretty good about just doing my own thing – Working in education means that things get to be bright and fun and playful, so lots of the trends out there now would feel out of place for me.

    3. Is this your first attempt at can art designs?

    Definitely my first cans! I was talked into doing some bottle designs for a friend’s homebrew that was called “Hopossum IPA”, and I got to illustrate a super adorable, possibly inebriated, possum for them.

    4. Let’s talk Shaken and Stirred. What was your inspiration for your can designs?

    Milkshakes and a retro diner came to mind first for Shaken, and then it made sense for some baking bunnies to be Stirring up both treats and trouble. The original designs for these were a little “cuter”, but for the time of the year we moved to creep them up a bit. My favorite parts are the apron boy bunny because he’s trying to win over the diner girl waitress, and the bunny girl trying to steal cake because that’s just my life.

    5. You are officially the first designer (as far as we know) to incorporate socializing bunnies in a canned beer design. Congrats! Do you like bunnies?

    Ha! That is going on the resume. I do like bunnies! I’m lucky enough to live in a part of Chicago where we were blessed with bunnies everywhere instead of street rats, so I considered that a sign. I’m a fan of most animals, but rabbits seemed like the best creature to show acting both cutely and mischievously.

    6. Let’s talk beer! What are your favorite types of beer? Least favorite?

    Probably not surprisingly, I’m easily swayed by beers with animals on the labels. The first six pack I ever purchased was Left Hand’s Milk Stout because, of course, that cute cow, but the first beer I fell in love with was Victory’s Golden Monkey. I absolutely love super spicy Belgians, and I owe that strange monkey creature for this infatuation. I’ve tried so hard to enjoy sours, but I am willing to admit that they are just not for me.

    7. Any cool artists or designers you find inspiration from?

    I really adore the work of Tad Carpenter, Anna Hurley, and Lydia Nichols – Very obviously some people that do awesome colors and animals well!

    Check out more of Jenelle’s work on her website, or follow @jenelling on Instagram.
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  8. Small Bottle, Small Test

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    In the upcoming weeks and months, you may see smaller bottles of our beer popping up in select markets. Your eyes do not deceive you — they are real. We’re doing a pilot program of these 375mL bottles in a just a few targeted places so we can gather feedback and data on potentially adjusting our packaging formats. At the end of this small trial, we might make more permanent updates to our packaging, or do absolutely nothing. It just depends on how it all goes.

    We’re posting this quick blog about this for a couple reasons. Reason one: we didn’t want to just drop these bottles in the market without providing some context on what’s going on. We wanted to be transparent and let our fans know this isn’t any kind of big, formal, permanent change at this point. Reason two: we thought it would be kind of weird to walk into a beer shop and see a mini bottle of ours without us confirming that it’s actually something we made!

    In the coming months, a handful of our beers in smaller 375mL bottles will be on sale in select markets, at our Tasting Rooms, and available to members of our Societies. If you’re reading this in northern and southern California, Virginia, Colorado, and the Dallas-Fort Worth regions of Texas, you may be seeing these beers in a bottle shop near you. We picked these areas for a couple reasons. One of the compelling reasons was data collection. Our distribution team can see data pretty clearly in those areas, which will enable us to make a more informed decision moving forward.

    At this time, we plan to test a small variety of Bruery Terreux selections of varying prices in the 375mL bottles. This is partly because our packaging line at Bruery Terreux could adapt to 375s a little more easily than changing over our bigger packaging line at The Bruery.

    Why even try this out? As you probably guessed, changing our bottle size (even for a small test) is a pretty big project. But we’ve been listening to you, to our Society Members, to our distributors, and to the retailers that carry our product. We’ve been chatting about it, researching it, and seeing the market change. We’ve thought about doing this in the past, albeit with mixed emotions, but only in more recent history have we garnered enough resources to actually go ahead and try this out. At the same time, we’ve also heard feedback about keeping our bottle sizes the way they are. During this test of smaller bottles, our larger format bottles will remain a part of our portfolio. We’ll be looking at how our larger 750mL bottles perform during this time as well.

    So here it goes. Let us know what you think about the possibility of a new size!

  9. Black Tuesday Is Coming: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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    We live for the weekdays around here. And on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, it’s not only our favorite day of the week, it’s our favorite day of the year. On October 24 at 10:00 a.m. PT, we unleash the 2017 edition of our infamous bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, Black Tuesday, upon the world.

    Get Black Tuesday (2017) Here!

    This year’s edition of Black Tuesday emerges from oak after extensive barrel-aging, developing deep, warming notes of vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, bourbon, dark fruit and singed oak, finishing at 19.5% ABV. It’s a sophisticated fusion of flavor and time – fit to claim its own day of the week. Below are details to help you plan accordingly for the 2017 release.

    Public Release

    The 2017 public release of Black Tuesday will be conducted live on our website,, on Black Tuesday, Tuesday, October 24, 2017.


    Tuesday, October 24, beginning at or around 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET)



    6 bottles per person (first-come, first-served)
    Must be 21 or older to purchase

    Retail Price

    $29.99 plus tax

    How to Claim

    Pickup in Placentia, CA or Washington, D.C.;
    shipping within CA also available

    This year, it will be easier than ever for fans from coast-to-coast to get their hands on bottles of Black Tuesday. Purchased bottles will be available for pickup from our Fulfillment Center at The Bruery in Orange County and The Bruery Store at Union Market in Washington, D.C., scheduled to open in November. On the day of the public sale, you’ll select your delivery method at checkout (pickup in CA, pickup in D.C., ship within CA). Bottles will be available for public pickup beginning in October in CA and likely November in D.C. Shipping within CA will also be available, starting October 31. Location-specific details are below. 

    The sale is open to all customers, including Society members, who enjoy guaranteed access to purchase bottles of Black Tuesday (at a discount) as part of their October allocations (from Monday, October 2 through Saturday, October 21). Society members will receive an extra allocation of Black Tuesday (first-come, first-served) on Monday, October 23 in advance of the public sale. The public sale begins at 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET) on Tuesday, October 24.

    Don’t leave it to chance

    Black Tuesday only sees one major release per year. From time to time, we release limited quantities from our archives for special sales and events. The only way to guarantee access to Black Tuesday is by joining one of our Societies. Members of our Reserve Society and Hoarders Society enjoy the greatest access and discount to Black Tuesday. Our Preservation Society members currently enjoy guaranteed access to seven bottles of Black Tuesday: one is included in the Fourth Quarter Preservation Society package (ready for pickup/delivery near the end of the year). Six additional bottles are available for Preservation Society members to purchase on through October 21. And there is still time to join!

    Join the Preservation Society today for guaranteed access.

    Black Tuesday 2017 Label

    Pickup & Shipping | details and deadlines

    Public pickup and shipping (within the state of California) begin on Tuesday, October 31. Pickups from our D.C. store are anticipated to begin on or around Tuesday, November 14. We’ll email those who select D.C. pickup with an exact date as we finish our preparations for opening our East Coast store.

    How do you want to get your bottles?

    Select this at checkout

    Pickup location


    Pickup deadline

    Pickup in CA

    Pickup - CA Pickup741 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA, 92870Tues., Oct. 31Dec. 31, 2017

    Ship within CA

    (for a fee)
    Ship to Residence / Business (Beer Shipping - CA Only)N/ATues., Oct. 31N/A

    Pickup in D.C.

    Pickup - DC Pickup513 Morse St. NE, Washington, D.C., 20002On or around Tues., Nov. 14Jan. 31, 2018

    CA Pickup

    If the CA bottle pickup option is selected for Black Tuesday by a customer during checkout, bottles must be picked up from our Fulfilment Center (741 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA) by December 31, 2017. Any bottles not picked up by the public at this time will be shipped to the customer’s address on file and charged at the customer’s expense. If the address on file is not a valid California address or we are unable to assess shipping charges on a customer’s credit card on file, we will assess a $3 restocking fee per bottle and bottles will be forfeit. If you would like to name someone else (a “trustee”) to pick up beer for you from our Fulfillment Center, list his or her name in the “Trustee” box at checkout.

    CA Shipping

    Beer shipping (for an additional cost) is available within California through Golden State Overnight. An adult, 21 years of age or older, must be present to receive and sign for the delivery. Public shipping begins on Tuesday, October 31. Shipping notification emails will be sent to recipients when packages are en route.

    D.C. Pickup

    If the D.C. bottle pickup option is selected for Black Tuesday by a customer during checkout, bottles must be picked up from The Bruery Store at Union Market (513 Morse St. NE, Washington, D.C.) by January 31, 2018. Any customers who do not pick up their bottles by January 31, 2018 will be assessed a $3 restocking fee per bottle and bottles will be forfeit. If you would like to name someone else (a “trustee”) to pick up beer for you from our D.C. store, list his or her name in the “Trustee” box at checkout.

    Black Tuesday bottling line

    Society Member Pickup and Delivery

    Reserve and Hoarders Society members attending the Black Tuesday Release Party on October 24 can pick up bottles of Black Tuesday on Tuesday, October 24. Pickups and shipping begin for all other Reserve and Hoarders Society members the following day, Wednesday, October 25. Pickups for Preservation Society members begin Friday, October 27.

    Reserve and Hoarders Society members have until February 28, 2018 to pick up any purchases from the 2017 calendar year (March 31, 2018 to ship). Any purchases made by Preservation Society members in Q4 2017, including the Fourth Quarter Preservation Society package and bottles of Black Tuesday, must be picked up by the end of the subsequent quarter (Q1 2018, which is March 31, 2018).

    Society Pickup in D.C.?

    Society members are eligible to purchase additional bottles of Black Tuesday during the public sale, at their discount (if applicable), for pickup in D.C. “Pickup – DC Pickup” must be selected at checkout, and the public DC pickup deadline of January 31, 2018 applies. Please note this only applies to purchases of Black Tuesday made during the public sale period, not to any other purchases made by Society members in 2017 (including Black Tuesday bottles purchased during Society allocations).  Society members who join our 2018 Reserve Society – DC  and Hoarders Society – DC will be eligible to pickup included bottles and other purchases made in 2018 beginning in January 2018.

    Draft Release & Tasting Rooms Sale


    Society Release Party

    Our ticketed, Society-exclusive Black Tuesday Release Party on October 24 will feature unlimited samples of over a dozen draft-exclusive Black Tuesday treatments and variants (plus Super Juicy Tuesday from Offshoot Beer Co.), a plated meal and small bites from Urge Gastropub, Black Tuesday barrel-aged coffee from Mostra, live music, specialty glassware, limited edition merchandise and more. Tickets are available first-come, first-served to Reserve and Hoarders Society members.

    Tasting Rooms

    We’ll also celebrate the release of Black Tuesday in our Tasting Rooms with the public draft and bottle release at our Tasting Rooms at The Bruery and Bruery Terreux upon opening on Tuesday, October 24 (noon at The Bruery, 4:00 p.m. at Bruery Terreux).

    In addition to bottles on sale via, bottles of Black Tuesday (2017) will also be on sale, first-come, first-served, at our Tasting Rooms. There will be a three bottle limit per person for in-store sales. Draft pours of Black Tuesday (2017) will be limited to two tasters or one 5-oz. pour per person. Guests will also enjoy access to a Black Tuesday variant or edition from the archives, plus a new small batch treatment.


    Are you ready?

    We will be monitoring the Black Tuesday public sale – conducted via on Tuesday, October 24 – closely. Black Tuesday will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply adding beer to your cart does not guarantee availability – you must fully check out with a credit card to ensure your order is placed. If the product appears temporarily unavailable, keep checking. Please monitor The Bruery Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates, especially for notification when we are officially sold out.

    In advance of the sale, you may wish to establish / review your account on to speed up your transaction.

    Details are subject to change.

    If, for any reason the sale is not capable of running as planned, including, without limitation, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of The Bruery, which, in The Bruery’s sole determination, corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this sale, The Bruery reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the sale. Participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Bruery from any and all liability arising out of or relating in any way to customers’ participation and to release all rights to bring any claim, action or proceeding against The Bruery. The Bruery reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any person they suspect or find: (i) to have tampered with the process or the operation; (ii) to be acting in a disruptive manner, or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person; (iii) or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules. Any violation of these Official Rules by will result in such person’s disqualification.


  10. The Bruery at Great American Beer Festival 2017!

    Comments Off on The Bruery at Great American Beer Festival 2017!

    The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. are coming to Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival! All weekend long, we will be at GABF and around town to give Denver a taste of what’s been brewing here in Southern California.

    (NOTE: Event tickets required for all GABF events. External Denver events may require tickets for entree. Check provided links for more info.)

    Here’s where we’ll be:


    • Paired Thursday Session| 4:30pm – 9pm (GABF Event)
    Paired Pavilion, Table 16
    Come enjoy food and beer pairings featuring Bruery Terreux and Kelly Whitaker of Basta (Boulder, CO) at Table 16. Pairings include: Sans Pagaie + mortadella hot dog, pickled + salted colorado plum, napacabbage; Goses Are Red + aspen moon heirloom dutch butter popcorn, maitake furikake, smoked butter.

    Paired Tickets Required: More info:

    • GABF Session One | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Booths L15 & L16
    Come find The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. at Booths L15 & L16! We’ll be pouring:
    Or Xata
    Share This: Mint Chip
    White Chocolate with Cherries
    Black Tuesday
    10 Years (Highland Park Brewery Collaboration)
    Frucht: Peach
    Humulus Terreux
    Oude Tart with Raspberries
    Train to Beersel
    One Way Or Another (Cascade Brewing Collaboration)

    • GABF Heavy Medal Booth | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Stop by the Heavy Medal booth and enjoy two of our GABF award-winning beers: Mischief & Oude Tart!


    • Denver Rare Beer Tasting| 12pm – 4pm (External Denver Event)
    McNichols Civic Center Building (144 W. Colfax Ave.)
    The Bruery is joining more than 60 craft breweries from around the nation for the ninth annual Denver Rare Beer Tasting to raise funds for the Pints for Prostates campaign. Join us from 12pm-4pm to enjoy plenty of rare beers from around the country, including The Bruery’s Hoarders Cuvée 2017.

    Tickets Required. More info:

    • Paired Friday Session | 4:30pm – 9pm (GABF Event)
    Paired Pavilion, Table 16
    Come enjoy food and beer pairings featuring Bruery Terreux and Kelly Whitaker of Basta (Boulder, CO.) at Table 16. Pairings include: Sans Pagaie + mortadella hot dog, pickled + salted colorado plum, napa cabbage; Goses Are Red + aspen moon heirloom dutch butter popcorn, maitake furikake, smoked butter.

    Paired Tickets Required: More info:

    • GABF Session Two | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Booths L15 & L16
    Come find The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. at Booths L15 & L16! We’ll be pouring:
    Or Xata
    Share This: Mint Chip
    White Chocolate with Cherries
    Black Tuesday
    10 Years (Highland Park Brewery Collaboration)
    Frucht: Peach
    Humulus Terreux
    Oude Tart with Raspberries
    Train to Beersel
    One Way Or Another (Cascade Brewing Collaboration)

    • GABF Heavy Medal Booth | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Stop by the Heavy Medal booth and enjoy two of our GABF award-winning beers: Mischief & Oude Tart!


    • Breakfast with The Bruery @ Freshcraft| 8am – 10:30am (External Denver Event)
    Join Patrick Rue and other members of Famille Rue at Freshcraft for our special Breakfast with The Bruery! Enjoy some amazing beer and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet to kick off your Great American Beer Festival weekend.

    Midnight Autumn Maple
    The Wanderer
    Guava Libre
    Chocolate Rain
    White Chocolate with Cherries

    • GABF Session Three *Members Only* | 12pm – 4pm 
    (GABF Event)
    Booths L15 & L16
    Come find The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. at Booths L15 & L16! We’ll be pouring:
    Or Xata
    Share This: Mint Chip
    White Chocolate with Cherries
    Black Tuesday
    10 Years (Highland Park Brewery Collaboration)
    Frucht: Peach
    Humulus Terreux
    Oude Tart with Raspberries
    Train to Beersel
    One Way Or Another (Cascade Brewing Collaboration)

    • GABF Heavy Medal Booth | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Stop by the Heavy Medal booth and enjoy two of our GABF award-winning beers: Mischief & Oude Tart!

    • The Bruery – Sucre: 6th Anniversary Ale – 6 Different Barrel Variants Presentation with Patrick Rue | 3pm – 3:30pm (GABF Event)
    Brewer’s Studio Pavillion
    Sucre: Bourbon
    Sucre: Madeira
    Sucre: Rye Whiskey
    Sucre: Portuguese Brandy
    Sucre: Tawny Port
    Sucre: Cognac

    • GABF Session Four | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Booths L15 & L16
    Come find The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. at Booths L15 & L16! We’ll be pouring:
    Or Xata
    Share This: Mint Chip
    White Chocolate with Cherries
    Black Tuesday
    10 Years (Highland Park Brewery Collaboration)
    Frucht: Peach
    Humulus Terreux
    Oude Tart with Raspberries
    Train to Beersel
    One Way Or Another (Cascade Brewing Collaboration)

    • GABF Heavy Medal Booth | 5:30pm – 10pm (GABF Event)
    Stop by the Heavy Medal booth and enjoy two of our GABF award-winning beers: Mischief & Oude Tart!

    Also, check out our podcast, where Patrick is joined by Jonas Nemura (Sr. Director of Operations), Andrew Bell (Offshoot / Senior Experimental Brewer) and Brian Cockle (Information Systems Specialist).  They talk about what we’ll be up to, the judging process, and some randomness.

    See you there! 🍺

    Listen and subscribe to Bruery Radio:

    Apple iTunes / Podcast App:





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