Dear Bruery Supporters,

I regret to inform you that the decision has been made to close The Bruery Provisions in Old Towne Orange, CA.  This decision comes with a great deal of heartache.  Provisions has become an important part of the Orange County craft beer scene.  Family, friends, co-workers and I have enjoyed many pints and cheese plates, and I’ve have had the distinct pleasure to work with a number of passionate and talented people at Provisions.  As fantastic as Provisions is, it has taken a disproportionate amount of The Bruery’s resources to operate and I decided it would be best for the long term success of the company to focus on making beer rather than operating a bottle shop and beer bar.

Opening Provisions was the realization of a dream for me.  After travelling to many wonderful beer establishments around the country, the places I’ve enjoyed the most are a unique combination of a beer bar and a bottle shop.  Other than being a one-stop shop for all beer needs, I noticed a common trait in that they have a great sense of community.  This format is a great opportunity to educate about the diversity of beer, and a place to express a common interest in craft beer.  When the opportunity arose to open such a concept in Old Towne Orange, steps away from my alma mater, Chapman Law School, I had to do it.

Having Provisions as part of our efforts over the last three years has been a great education for many of us within The Bruery on the retail side of the beer business.  The Provisions Team has done a superb job in operating a first class operation, and their commitment to Provisions has made this decision all the more difficult.  However, after examining Provisions within the context of what The Bruery should be, I realized it has taken a significant amount of our efforts away from our core purpose.  To put it simply, we are a small company, we can’t do everything.

Our core purpose is to make beer, really fantastic beer, and to continually improve the quality of our beer.  We’ve made some huge commitments to this core purpose by investing in fermentation capacity, which has increased our production capacity by 130% in the last few months.  About 40% of our beer is aged in barrels for a year or longer, and we’ve amassed a collection of over 3,000 barrels to achieve this.  In evaluating how The Bruery should operate in order to achieve its goals, it became apparent Provisions is not the best use of our limited resources.  At this point, the best use of our efforts is focusing on innovation and quality in brewing, working with our many distributors and the thousands of establishments that carry our beer, and serving our customers directly through our Tasting Room, our website and our Society membership bases.

If Provisions was a tool to educate people about craft beer and help move the industry and culture forward, then it was a rousing success.  Since its inception, we’ve introduced thousands of people to our passion for craft beer.  We leave the customers of Provisions in good hands with numerous other locations that have been established within Old Towne Orange, and beyond, that serve and specialize in craft beer.

We will continue to serve Orange County’s craft beer needs through our Tasting Room, adjacent to our production facility in Placentia, which has recently undergone renovations as well.  It now comfortably seats nearly 100 people and offers up to 40 different beers on draft at any given time along with our full selection of bottled beer available to-go, all hand crafted by The Bruery.  We’ve also completed our 3 BBL (93 gallon) pilot system that will allow us to hone our recipes and offer unique, experimental batches on draft.  All of us at The Bruery hope to see many of you picking up where you left off - with a flight of beer at our Tasting Room, watching us brew.

As Winston Churchill once said, "This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. It is, instead, the end of the beginning.”  And so it is for The Bruery.  Our first 5 years are coming to a close and we are now putting ourselves on track for the next 5 years of craft beer and beyond.  We are thankful to our customers and employees who have joined us on this journey.

Patrick Rue
The Bruery


Q: Where is The Bruery Tasting Room, What are their hours, What do they sell?
A: The Bruery Tasting Room is located at 717 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA 92870, directly next to our production brewery - look for the big red and white silo!  

We are open M-Th: 5-10pm, F: 2-10pm, Sa&Su: 12-10pm

The Bruery Tasting Room is a direct line to our brewery.  We have as many as 40 different draft beers on tap at any given time, all hand made by The Bruery.  We sell bottles of The Bruery beer to-go as well as fill growlers to-go.  We also sell The Bruery branded merchandise.

Q: What are you doing what all of that beer in your store?

A: We will be holding a liquidation sale.  On Thursday, 1/10, through Sunday, 1/13, a 30% discount will be extended to all of our customers.  Beer and other products made by The Bruery will NOT be on sale.  All product made by outside vendors will be on sale for a 30% discount.  This includes beer, wine, cheese, charcuterie and all other food and merchandise not produced by The Bruery.  Any leftover beer or merchandise from The Bruery will be moved to our Tasting Room

Our hours will be:

Thursday: 12pm - 8pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 10pm
Sunday: 12pm - 8pm

Q: I just received a Bruery Gift Card for the holidays!  What am I supposed to do with this now?

A: Bruery Gift Cards can be used at the Tasting Room (for servings of beer, bottles to go, merchandise, growlers, etc.).  For more information about our tasting room, go to  Gift Cards will also be able to be used on our forthcoming online store at within the first few months of this year.

We certainly understand your disappointment if you purchased / received a Bruery Gift Card with the intent of using it at The Bruery Provisions.  If this is the case, we will fully refund any Bruery Gift Card or Provisions Gift Card.  In order to receive a refund, please print and fill out this form and mail your Gift Card to The Bruery, 1174 N. Grove St., Anaheim, CA 92806 with your return mailing address, and we will send you a check for the remaining balance within 4-6 weeks.  Please keep a photocopy of the back of your card for your records.

You can also pick up this form at The Bruery Tasting Room and our staff will assist you in the return process.

Q: What will happen to the “Provisions Series” line of beers?

A: The spirit of experimentation will continue as we rename the “Provisions Series” line to the “Preservation Series”.  Many of these beers will be offered through our Preservation Society, which we are planning to launch early this year.  The Preservation Series line will also be available through our Tasting Room, through our soon to be launched online store, as an allocation for Reserve Society / Hoarders Society members, and potentially offered in very limited quantities to craft beer establishments within Southern California.

Q: Where can I find your beers within Southern California?
A: Our Tasting Room in Placentia, CA has the most comprehensive selection of Bruery beers, with nearly 40 beers on tap and dozens of bottles available to-go.  We are open seven days a week.  For more information, go to Our beer is also available at many great establishments around Southern California as well as 19 other states. A listing of our accounts within Southern California can be found at

Q: I’m interested in operating a craft beer establishment in the location formerly known as The Bruery Provisions.  Who can I contact to get more information?
A: Please eMail to notify us of your interest and to receive more information.