We would like to thank all of the talented homebrewers who entered our Batch 300 contest and not only helped promote homebrewing and craft beer, but helped us raise over $1,700 that will be donated to Lestonnac Free Clinic, a local medical center devoted to providing free, comprehensive medical care to the poorest of the poor in Orange County, CA.

Homebrewing is where Patrick and the entire Bruery crew got their start and it was incredible to see the creativity that came in for this contest. We had 176 entries spanning 19 different states plus Canada and Finland, yes, Finland.

That being said, the winner of our Batch 300 Homebrew Contest didn't need to come very far at all. Our best of show winner, that will now be brewed and bottled by The Bruery, is an Oaked Tripel brewed by Grant Phillips of Redlands, CA.

Congratulations to Grant and to all who entered this competition. We had a lot of fun tasting your beers and hopefully you had just as much fun brewing them.

We'll surely have another homebrew contest in the future, so keep on homebrewing and fine tuning your recipes!

The Bruery

The following are the results for each category. We have combined the subcategories into the major categories as there were not enough entries in each subcategory to result in proper placings. In the smallest categories, only a 1st or 1st & 2nd were awarded. Congratulations to the winners!

Scoresheets will be mailed out shortly.

Category 13F
- Nick & Chris Orton - Brewton's RIS
2nd - Curt Keck - Lobotomy
3rd - Kirk Holt / Mike Ross - Dagwood's Rebellion

Category 16
1st- Jamey Barlow - Monsoon Season
2nd - Alex Tweet - Where Belges Dare
- Tom & Jake Ocque - Chaotic

Category 17
1st - Chad Bowers - Dancing In Berlin
2nd - Jeff Current - Current Framboise

Category 18
- Steve Benlien - Dubbel Vision
2nd - Steve Rosolio - Belgian Rose
3rd - Ian Hay - Vow of Silence

Category 19
1st - Brad Nixon - Big Hairy Monkey

Category 20
- Mike Reaser - Mango IPA
2nd - Chad Bowers - Cantankerous Peach

Category 21
- Tom & Jake Ocque - CPD
2nd - Kyle Teichert - Guatemalan Coffee Porter
3rd - Steve Jareb - Cucurbia Mea

Category 22
1st - Grant Phillips - Oaked Tripel - Best Of Show
2nd - Kyle Teichert - Teichert Smoked Porter 2.0
3rd - Aaron Boerup - The Highlander

Category 23
1st - Adrian Kalaveshi & Rob Contriel - Cascadian Draak
2nd - Jonathan Wakefield - Smoked Out Coconut Porter
3rd - Aaron Boerup - Cuvee Amore