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The following materials are for use by the sales & marketing departments at our current distributors, for retail promotions of events and activities, informational materials at festivals, or for PR / Media image needs.


For PR/media inquiries and wholesale marketing assets, please contact Cambria Griffith.







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Brand Launch Packs

Each handy .zip file for our nationally distributed brands includes a one-sheet, poster, tap handle sticker, table tent, bottle images, label images, barcode UPCs, social media graphics, and brand name lockup.


The Order (zip download) Mischief (zip download) Jardinier (zip download)


Or Xata 2017 (zip download) Autumn Maple 2016 (zip download) 9 Ladies Dancing (zip download)


Share This: Mole (zip download) So Happens It’s Tuesday 2016 (zip download) Mash & Vanilla (zip download)


Poterie 8th Anniversary Ale (zip download) Mélange No. 14 (zip download)  





Special Distribution


Mélange No. 15 (zip download) The Grade (zip download)



The Bruery OneSheets

mischief_info_icon mischief_info_icon jardinier onesheet


or xata onesheet



Special Distribution



Tap Handle Stickers



Tap stickers for individual beers

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Customizable Event Flyers


Customizeable event slides for The Bruery

Customizeable event slides for both The Bruery & Bruery Terreux


Chain Set Up Photos


If you are a distributor settting up bottles for retail in chains, find the images you need via our

Chain Set Up Photo Library.



(go to Bruery Terreux chain photos)


Tulip Glasses





Tasting Videos
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